Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wholesale Cupcake Boxes

Wholesale cupcake boxes is easy to find today, numbers of them raised up every year. This is because so many people love cupcake and make a good business with become a cupcake baker.

Wholesale cupcake boxes main business is retailing the boxes from manufacturer or made it by them self and sell it. But some other have a drop-ship programs for online reseller.

Find Cupcake Boxes Wholesaler
If you live at a big city, there is easy to find the wholesale cupcake boxes, just visit cake supplier center and you will find it. After that you can make a deal with them as a customer or reseller.

Wholesale Cupcake Boxes Product
The product of wholesale cupcake boxes is boxes that special made for cupcake. With so many design, shape and materials. The favorite one is clear cupcake boxes for single and other is cupcake boxes 12 from corrugated or ivory paper with printed patterns.
List of cupcake boxes wholesale product is :
cupcake boxes from duplex paper, white or printed with pastel color or standard PANTONE special color who can carry 1,2,4,6,9,12 and even 24 cupcakes.
cupcake boxes from ivory paper, is same with duplex but more exclusive paper.
ivory and duplex cupcake boxes with metallic color, such as gold, silver and bronze.
top clear cupcake with hardboard/cardboard at bottom of boxes.
full clear cupcake boxes that made from clear PVC plastic

Become a Cupcake Boxes Wholesaler
With few dollars, you can become a cupcake boxes wholesalers. just meet with manufacturers and make a deal with them. You can save more money if you come to printing company and order to them bulk cupcake boxes, if you have more money and ready to buy it at bulk.

Wholesale cupcake boxes is easy to find, and this also a business opportunity for you too. Become a reseller or wholesaler to make some profit with high customers demand. If there is hard to find cupcake boxes wholesale near you, that mean your business will reach the ROI as soon as possible. You know all about the list of product and how to make yourself as cupcake boxes wholesale.